Enhanced Staging Services

To reduce costs and marketing time, CipherEx has created an enhanced staging approach that fully develops tests and validates a design before it is shipped for installation. Our test designs are in two phases.

Phase One:

CipherEx engineers use advanced software modeling to validate the designs and configurations. We test expected network performance based on expected usage and growth. We use modeling software to conduct these tests and also in what-if failure scenarios to tune and optimize the design.

 Phase Two:

Engineers assemble and power up the devices, which are labeled and interconnected before the proper software is loaded. Configurations are then loaded, and proper operation is verified. Our engineers proceed to perform network load and failure testing and to tune and optimize the network and devices as necessary. After that, all equipment is ready for shipment for use in the production environment.

Phase Two Process:

Assemble devices
Power up and burn in
Label devices
OS loading and versioning
Connect devices
Configure devices
Validate system and design
Failure and load tests
Backup configurations
Ship for deployment