Infrastructure Load Testing


CipherEx modeling capabilities allow conclusive testing of what-if scenarios that enable intelligent risk-mitigating and cost-effective decision making. This will accelerate deployments and migration to new technologies, including VoIP, IPv6, and VPNs. Compliance and regulatory requirements, such as FISMA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI, and NIST, can be verified. By analyzing an up-to-date model of the production network, we can diagnose device configuration errors, security issues, policy violations, and inefficiencies. Our modeling and auditing capabilities help enterprises attain an in-depth understanding of the network that will ensure its maximum availability, security, and performance.


Accelerate new service and technology deployments using predictive planning.
Optimize network performance through traffic engineering and the correct sizing of capacities.
Reduce the risk of downtime and misconfigurations.
Cost-effectively plan the network for new services and technologies, such as VoIP, MPLS, IPv6, and VPNs.
Predict network performance and the effects of changes to reduce risk and accelerate new deployments.
Optimize capacity, QoS, and reliability to maximize the use of existing network investments and to minimize the effects of failures.
Verify proposed designs and recommended changes.


Stress Testing

CipherEx realistic stress-test capabilities allow simultaneous network verification and support for data, voice, and video services to emulate a complete user environment. The network can be tested for throughput and performance. When it becomes fully unutilized, a series of what-if failure scenarios can be tested and documented. The stress testing can define the network’s performance limitations, and it provides insight on how the network will perform during failure.

Our stress-test tools and capabilities provide these benefits:

Quality of experience (QoE) testing
Voice-quality scores (MOS)
Application replay capabilities
Ramp-up, ramp-down user sessions
Malicious traffic generation
What-if failure scenarios testing
Verify sessions through firewall