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Networks need to evolve alongside an organization and its ever-changing needs.

As your business grows, so does your need for network infrastructure and security. With hackers becoming more sophisticated, new challenges require different solutions. To stay agile and competitive, scalability is critical. But as you consider adding coverage and capacity to your network, the task can quickly become daunting. You need to make sure everything is up to speed, from product research and testing to deployment and integration into the production environment. On top of these time- and labor-intensive efforts, you still have to focus on the daily maintenance required to keep your network running smoothly and securely, taxing your team and resources.

That’s where CipherEx can help. No matter your needs, from network security and device hardening to equipment updates and deployments.

our goal is to help you build a networking environment that will grow with you while maintaining the results that matter most: an improved user experience and enhanced corporate security.


If you want a highly knowledgeable and experienced IT and Accounting team to help you with your company’s activities and problems, cipherex is the answer.

Chief Executive Officer, Medical Group

The SAN is the best money we have ever spent on IT hardware and paid for itself this one time we actually needed it. Thank you for recommending this technology.

CFO/Controller, Waste Solution Company

Enhancing our network systems to accommodate and include our locations in Europe and Asia: They are the only company we trust to manage such an important project.

CFO, Tera Data Technologies