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Firewall & Secure Communication

Firewall Audits and Optimization

Firewall configuration has become more challenging as more network-based services are added, along with an increasing number of protocols that need to flow through the firewall. This complexity often leads to incomplete or bad configurations that impose a threat to an organization’s security.

Secure Client VPN Access

For efficiency and productivity many organizations utilize remote access VPN. A VPN must be secure and user friendly to ensure proper connectivity and usablility.

Secure Partner and Vendor Connections

As companies rely more heavily on their networks for online and business to business (B2B) transactions, network security becomes increasingly important. How much network access a company gives to its partners or suppliers, along with the security and data-recovery strategies of the partners, will affect the company’s risk level. When you integrate your network with the networks of other companies, whatever happens to them can also happen to you.

Security risks from B2B transactions often relate to privacy, which includes protecting credit-card information and other data from outsiders. Authentication and access are paramount concerns. It is critical for companies to verify that the people with whom they are transacting business are the people they claim to be and that their level of access is appropriate.

Firewall Audits
Do you feel like your firewall rules are out of order?
Do you have too many rules and are they too complex? Not sure what’s going

We have specialized tools we can use to solve these issues and optimize rules offline. Whether you have 10 rules or 1,000, they will be optimized in sequence reflecting your unique traffic needs and patterns. Companies are usually concerned with incoming traffic and are not watching another threat–outbound traffic. Threats often come from within your network and data breaches often come from within your organization.

So how do you protect your organization from internal threats? Next generation firewalls have capabilities, such as URL filtering, along with blocking known malware sites to protect employees and the organization as a whole from data breaches.

CipherEx uses specialized tools that analyze and optimize firewall policies to reduce risk and optimize firewall performance. Firewall rules are copied and analyzed offline with no packet transmission, reducing risk and improving change management.

Firewall Policy Optimization

Firewalls work more efficiently and are easier to manage when the policies are uncluttered and free of unused rules and objects. CipherEx engineers will help you to optimize rules and will point out possible security holes and threats in an easy-to-understand report.

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