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Network Documentation as a Service

CipherEx has created an enhanced approach that fully documents your business communications, security architecture and deployed design. Having comprehensive infrastructure documentation is fundamental to reducing operation costs, troubleshooting, compliance and aligning your IT needs to the vision of your business.


CipherEx engineers collect information about your business and infrastructure through interviews and discovery tools, and use advanced software modeling to validate the designs and configurations. We gauge expected network performance based on expected usage and growth. We use modeling software to conduct these tests and also in what-if failure scenarios to tune and optimize the design.


Engineers use the information collected to create a comprehensive Business Flow Diagram. Each business flow is vulnerable to unique threats, a security architecture is developed to counter these threats based on the high level topology needs of the business. A design diagram of the current infrastructure details the specific products selected and their configurations.


By integrating CipherEx in your change-process-flow, we will help your IT department stay agile and aligned to the needs of the business. Propose technology upgrades or changes as appropriate. Keep the relevant documentation and diagrams of your infrastructure up-to-date.