We specialize in Cyber Security &
Network Infrastructure

Our goal at CipherEx is to proactively meet the needs of our clients and the demand of today’s evolving technology.
Our team of experts meet present and future needs of our clients by adapting services we offer.

Easy Networks

CipherEx augments your network IT department by providing phone and web based technical support for your users and guests.

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as a Service

Are you tired of trying to figure out what is connected where? CipherEx has created an enhanced approach that fully documents

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Firewall & Secure

Firewall configuration has become more challenging as more network-based services are added and an increasing number of protocols are necessary

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Security Policy
& Procedure

The best way to handle an incident is to prevent it from happening. To do that, you will need to establish effective security policies that will monitor

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about Cipherex
We specialize in Network Infrastructure & Security

Established in 2003 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, CipherEx is specialized in network infrastructure and network security.

With the emergence of new technologies, unexpected competitors and rapidly shifting customer preferences, change is the name of the game. The challenges of today’s market leaders are countless.  Our goal at CipherEx is to proactively meet the needs of our clients and the demand of today’s evolving technology.

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Why Cipherex? Why we are your best choice


We deliver on our commitments and are transparent in our communication.


We are results driven and don’t give up until the job is done.


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. We handle ambiguity and
adapt as needed.


We treat your network and your customers as if they were our own.

How Cipherex Delivers


Extend your project team or onboard specialists on a temporary basis.

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Outsource project implementation and increase project success by tapping into our expertise and capabilities.

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Close Skillset

Produce high-quality results by drawing on our team of experts.

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Improve your projects’ success with skilled project managers guiding your team.

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