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Network Infrastructure

Designing and maintaining a network infrastructure can be a challenging and complex process. When it is time to expand the network, replace old equipment, or add new technologies many organizations find they lack the time, staff and/or expertise to properly execute. CipherEx’s team can help. We want to help you create an optimal network infrastructure that is accessible and secure. A data center designed with a focus on flexibility and growth to accommodate the present and future needs of your organization.

At CipherEx, our team is highly specialized in network design and implementation. We focus on enhancing efficiency, improving security, and flexibility in design that allows for growth and improvement with a low impact on resources and network “up-time

We offer specialized tools for design and validation of your network including

  • Ixchariot (Ixia)
  • NetBrain (Network Diagram and Flow)
  • AirMagnet Survey PRO
  • SteelCentral NetPlanner (Riverbed)
  • Tenable Network Security Scanner
  • AlgoSec (Firewall Optimization)

We provide stability and flexibility in design that will allow you to plug in your server anywhere and function properly regardless of its location. These issues disappear with next generation data
centers utilizing Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Networks are unique and consequently so are each of our customers’ needs.With this in mind, we strive towards catering to your company’s unique network and needs.

Advantages of Infrastructure Design

  • Features a hierarchical design
  • Reduces network complexity
  • Enhances network security, availability, and reliability
  • Improves fault isolation

We are  Cisco integrator specializing  in Cisco Infrastructure Security,  included but not limited to the following areas:

  • Cisco Infrastructure Security
  • Cisco Services
  • Cisco  Identity Service Engine (ISE)
  • Cisco Advanced Malware protection (AMP)
  • Cisco Wireless Lan Controller (WLC)
  • Cisco Firepower Firewalls and IPS
  • Two-factor authentication

Redundancy and High Availability

Deploying and maintaining a network environment, that requires nonstop availability, is critical to business success today. We strive to reduce network complexity and increase network availability.

Network applications must cross various network segments starting from the Enterprise Backbone to the Enterprise Edge and back. All segments of the network must be resilient and recover promptly. Thus, allowing for faults to be transparent to users and network applications. A failure detected anywhere in the network can result in termination, interruption or violation of service-level agreements for business-critical applications. Such applications include Voice, E-commerce, Storage-area networking, Work-Flow, Trading and Point of Sales.

We offer a resilient network design which enables network-wide protection.This is done by providing fast recovery from faults that may occur in any part of the network.

Network Cabling and Organization

Network cables can be a nightmare if they are not organized. CipherEx has successfully completed several cable organization projects. If your organization is in need of these services or any other services we offer, please contact us at We look forward to making your life easier!

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