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  • January 16, 2018
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Maintaining a highly secure network has traditionally required a Being Proactive approach—assessing networks to identify vulnerabilities, updating security policies and techniques, gaining control of IP addresses, and continuously monitoring for abnormalities.

But it also requires deep knowledge of network behavior and potential vulnerabilities. Reviewing log files, uncovering patterns, and being able to predict or recognize attacks are essential to solving many security challenges. The ability to see an attack as it occurs, to issue an alert and react to it before it gets out of control – and to figure out the root cause – is important. Even if you have good tools that offset the lack of staff, you still can’t manage security incidents without a proper analysis.

CipherEx uses specialized tools that allow us to dig deeper and better understand network behavior. We will work with your team to understand your environment, its applications and business needs. Our “deep dive” approach allows us to gain in-depth insights into the type of network traffic that is flowing through your network. If necessary, we will model your network, build a virtual environment and perform a “what-if” analysis,” in order to locate the sources of the issues that your organization is facing.

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