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Immutable Backup: Definition, Types, and Benefits

Immutable Backup
  • Eunice Grace
  • June 23, 2023
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The most crucial tool in the inventory of most companies fighting ransomware and other unwanted activity is an immutable backup. Backups can assist businesses in maintaining operations and providing customer service during and immediately after a ransomware incident.

However, backups are just as susceptible to malware as any other data type within an organization. Additionally, many businesses realize that backup data can be corrupted, overwritten, and subject to other common threats.

Immutable backups are emerging as an essential option for avoiding the total loss of priceless data.

This blog post covers what immutable backups are, their benefits, and their different types.

What is Immutable Backup?

Immutable backups are files that cannot be altered or removed for any reason. This type of backup safeguards your devices from any ransomware assaults once implemented. Additionally, it prevents non-malicious data loss risks like mistaken file deletions and backup file overwriting.

There are different types of immutable backups. Some of the most common types are the following:

  • WORM Storage Devices

WORM storage devices prevent data from being modified or deleted, making them ideal for immutable backups.

  • Immutable Object Storage

Immutable object storage protects data from alteration or deletion, providing a secure and tamper-proof backup.

  • Encryption

Encryption provides a secure and tamper-proof backup that can protect data from cyber threats or unauthorized access.

  • Blockchain-based Backups

Data is saved on a blockchain network in this backup, which uses a decentralized and immutable architecture to safeguard data against deletion or tampering. This guarantees the backup’s safety and immutability.

  • Cloud-based Backups

Some cloud-based backup services use WORM storage devices or immutable object storage to offer immutable backups. These ensure the backup doesn’t change, offering a safe and unchangeable backup.

What are the Benefits of Immutable Backup?

Immutable backups offer several benefits to any business’s data backup and recovery plan.

  1. Data Integrity

Immutable backups guarantee that the data is kept in its original form and cannot be changed or deleted. Compliance with laws like HIPAA, which demand data be preserved safely and without modification, depends on this.

  1. Protection Against Cyber Threats

Immutable backups offer defense against online dangers like ransomware assaults. A corporation could lose all of its data, including backups if it is the target of a ransomware assault. Even if their backups are compromised, a company can recover their data to a previous point if they have an immutable backup.

  1. Compliance

Businesses adhering to laws requiring secure and unaltered data storage can benefit from immutable backups. This covers regulations like the GDPR and HIPAA, among others.

  1. Fast Data Recovery

Immutable backups offer quicker recoveries than conventional backups. The data can be rapidly and easily restored because it is safe and unchangeable.

  1. Reduced Risk of Human Error

Since they cannot be changed once created, immutable backups are less prone to human error, lowering the possibility of unintentional human error-related data loss or corruption.

  1. Simplified Data Management

Data administration is made simpler by immutable backups since they do not require elaborate backup procedures or protocols. By doing this, organizations can more easily manage their backups and make sure that their data is safe and accessible in the event of any unanticipated disaster or data loss incident.

Access to Immutable Data Backup with CipherEx

Data backup is crucial for safeguarding against several dangers resulting in data loss, including hardware or software malfunctions, malware or viruses, natural disasters, and human error.

CipherEx provides a comprehensive solution that offers a secure and automated method of backing up and storing data. It reduces the risk of data loss and downtime while providing scalability, accessibility, and cost savings. It is an immutable strategy that protects against unauthorized modification or deletion and can provide protection against ransomware attacks.
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