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Network Assessment Bay Area
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  • January 9, 2018
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A new generation of digital technologies is providing organizations with tremendous productivity and flexibility gains. But this unprecedented connectivity is also unleashing new, complex security risks. At the same time, security teams are racing to keep up with new forms of malware, which are being created every day. Each new version seems to up the ante and be more dangerous than previous versions.

How do you protect your organization from today’s growing threats? First you need to conduct a network assessment, which provides you with a clear depiction of your network infrastructure. The vulnerability assessment plan should cover all key areas that, if affected, could bring down the network or create extensive data loss.

Among the core areas of consideration:
• Server and infrastructure protection
• Firewall optimization
• Security standards and policies review
• Network configuration and hardening
• Logging and monitoring
• Advanced Malware protection

Performing a vulnerability assessment is not a one-time task. You should perform the assessment on a regular basis and make any necessary changes. After implementing the changes, your team should again check for vulnerabilities so they can better secure the network. A customized blend of technology, intelligence and expert services can help organizations identify risks and proactively mitigate threats.

CipherEx provides comprehensive managed security solutions to help you tackle today’s difficult security challenges. Our network assessment provides you with a clear depiction of your network infrastructure, highlighting key design shortcomings and mis-configurations that can lead to unexpected outages.

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