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Secure your network with end-to-end visibility

Network Assessment Company San Francisco
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  • January 19, 2018
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The often complex and diverse nature of today’s networks make it difficult to detect vulnerabilities and faulty devices, which means your infrastructure could be masking insecure components that could be readily exploited. New devices might connect to the network without your knowledge. Ultimately, it’s difficult to protect what you can’t see.

To maintain a secure and highly protected network you need continuous visibility across your entire environment. Full visibility into events, faults, configurations, capacity, and the integrity of your server and network infrastructure is a must. Whether in on-premise data centers or managed cloud infrastructures, you need to see how and what traffic is traversing to and from your servers.

The professionals at CipherEx can put in place monitoring to help maximize the performance and reliability of your core systems and applications while helping to simplify management. With greater infrastructure visibility, you’ll be able to:

• Gain ongoing insights into the network performance
• Identify potential threats before they occur
• Minimize recovery time
• Improve network efficiency
• Consistently meet end user expectations

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