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Security Awareness Training: Definition and Importance

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  • Eunice Grace
  • January 6, 2023
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Having security awareness training within your company ensures your employees know what to do in the event of a genuine attack. Hackers nowadays are more directly targeting people than before, and human error is at fault for 95% of all cybersecurity problems. This article will dive into the definition of security awareness training, why having one within a company is crucial, and its best practices.

Security Awareness Training Defined

Is a crucial component of protecting your business from cyber-attacks. It entails educating employees on how to spot suspicious emails, report them, and promote security-conscious habits.

These days, businesses’ data breaches and financial loss are frequently caused by phishing scams, poor passwords, and compromised accounts. Platforms for security awareness training offer online portals through which consumers can acquire training materials concerning various cybersecurity challenges.

Importance of Security Awareness Training

A company with comprehensive security awareness training reduces risks to the overall safety of a company’s digital network. Less risk translates into less money lost to cybercrime. Therefore, a business that invests capital in providing staff with security awareness training should see a return on that investment.

An organization with security-conscious employees will have a better reputation with customers, as most people are hesitant to do business with an unreliable business. Regardless of any breach’s consequences, a company with security lapses regularly will lose clients due to bad press.

Therefore, employees must be aware of best practices to generate this higher level of protection.

Security Awareness Training Best Practices

  • Involvement of Every Level

All personnel, from top management to entry-level workers, should have security awareness training. Senior-level management is particularly affected since they are high-value targets and have access to private data that attackers are interested in.

The most effective security awareness and training initiatives require top-down support and involvement. An integrated strategy is the best method to establish an organizational security culture in which sound cybersecurity decisions and best practices are easy goals for end users at all levels.

  • Continuous Training Process

A security awareness program should be continuous as it can help employees comprehend their function in the firm from the information security perspective. When a new employee is hired, organizations can set up training programs. Sharing news articles about data breaches is a great way to raise awareness of security issues and prepare people to defend themselves against threats.

Set up recurring security awareness training sessions to introduce the organization to new procedures and approaches.

  • Test After Training

It is essential to have a method for gauging how practical training is. A test is a superior method for doing this. To acquire baseline data and determine what has changed before and after exercise is applied, quizzes should be required.

One such approach is carrying out phishing activities. Employees who fail a phishing test should receive further, context-specific training to solve the test’s weaknesses. Following training, employers should frequently check to see if an employee is responding better or worse to these activities.

  • Communication

Communicate the significance and purpose of your awareness initiative frequently. Employees should be aware of the situation, its purpose, and its responsibilities. Focus on information that grabs your attention and has the potential to affect your own life. Cybersecurity is given utmost importance and better equips workers to protect themselves and their companies.

  • Add Gamification

If your company’s culture supports it, try using gamification tactics to make a tedious task enjoyable. Games are a great way to motivate employees since they will focus their attention and actively participate. At the very least, be sure that rewards and approaches for positive enhancement are used to reach your cybersecurity goal.

Should start from the organization’s roots rather than being implemented at the last minute.

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