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Network assessment

is Your Network Up To Speed?

CipherEx utilizes specialized tools that allow us to dig deeper and better understand your network behavior.

A deficiency in your network infrastructure design and configuration can lead to unstable and erratic network behavior. Our network assessment provides you with a clear depiction of your network infrastructure which highlights key design shortcomings and miss-configurations that can often lead to frequent unexpected outages.

We will work with your team to understand your environment, its applications and business needs. A deep dive allows us to gain in-depth insight into the type of network traffic that is flowing through a network. If necessary, we will model your network, build a virtual environment and perform a, “what-if analysis,” in order to locate the source of the issues that your organization is facing. We look for security flaws in the design and configurations that can lead to a compromise.

We will work with your team and provide you with a detailed report along with directions on how to remove security issues or design flaws.